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I am Eloise, and I am stubborn, horribly narcissistic, and I get mad easily. I like cherry mint shisha; brown paper packages tied up in string; interesting people with interesting habits; cocktails and conversations in nice places; when I'm not arguing with (best friend no #3) maybesunday; good books, but I prefer great coffee; most Asian food; heist films and big flat screen television sets; surfing the net in my underpants; simmering in the great melencholy; traveling in first class, or by tuk tuk, or by junk (it doesn't matter as long as I'm out there somewhere); and a good shopping trip.

I write (most of) my journal entries in third person, because I want to try something different. I have created three communities; a fashion and style community called sartorialism (for the worship of all things beautifully made), teepeople for t shirt lovers like myself, and pavlovs (for my grandiose work of fiction which is still in the works); but haven't yet had time to work on them (all of which I have procrastinated on but I will have to finish working on sooner or later!).

BOOKS ARE FOR FAGS? ...I WEEP FOR THE FUTURE White Oleander by Janet Fitch; Non-Fiction by Chuck Palahniuk; the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz; the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer; The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides; Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov; Color: travels through the paintbox, and Jewels: a secret history by Victoria Finlay. Besides the books listed, I also have an unforgivable soft spot for Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar; How to Walk in High Heels by Camilla Morton; Blue Bloods and The Au Pairs by Melissa de la Cruz.

YOU SEE, EVENTUALLY YOUR MUSIC WILL HELP PUT AN END TO WAR AND POVERTY, IT WILL ALIGN THE PLANETS AND BRING THEM INTO UNIVERSAL HARMONY Deathcab for Cutie; Postal Service; Louis XIV; Veruca Salt; Rufus Wainwright; Oasis; The Weakerthans; John Mayer; Snow Patrol; Air; Rooney; Phantom Planet; The Fray; Mae; Princess Superstar; Rachel Yamagata; Brooke Fraser; The Editors; and Michelle Branch.

FILM WILL ONLY BE ART WHEN ITS MATERIALS ARE AS INEXPENSIVE AS PENCIL AND PAPER The Virgin Suicides; The Italian Job; Swordfish; Lost In Translation; Jurassic Park; We're Back; The Land Before Time; City of God; Almost Famous; The Breakfast Club; Garden State; Cruel Intentions; Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels; Silence of the Lambs; Y tu Mama Tambien; Clueless; Elizabethtown; Eloise at the Plaza; Brick; Ocean's 11; Snatch; Lucky Number S7evin; Transformers.

DISCLAIMER: 1) a renunciation of any claim to or connection with; 2) disavowal; 3) a statement made to save one's own ass.

All in all; the layout is by appletooth, and the real names of people, places and events have been changed to protect the identity of the innocent. Namely me.